Choosing a PC Power Supply

The power supplies are often overlooked when buying or choosing a computer. Most people ignore the fact that it is the most critical component which determines how long your computer will last. A power supply is very important for your system’s stability. Choosing a power supply model which delivers too little power to the computer will cause your computer to crash or fail to boot. Substandard models can cause your computer to overheat and even go up in flames. It is important to choose a good model which will last for a long time and serve you well. Getting a power supply is not like getting virus computer repair virus removal software. Instead, it requires you do more in-depth research to make sure your components are protected.  Here are some considerations in choosing the right power supply.

Read reviews of different models

Looking for product reviews will help you pick out the best models and drop the substandard ones or those which don’t fit your requirements. It is good to look in forums too and read independent reviews, not those written by the model’s company. This won’t be so hard because power supply units are not updated as regularly as other computer components; there are fewer reviews to read. A model with a good reputation will most likely be perfect for you too.

Consider the hardware components of your computer

The amount of power needed by your computer depends on the hardware in your computer. In a computer, graphics cards use up the most power followed by video cards. When using integrated graphics, the CPU will be the first priority hence will use the most power. Power supplies are divided into primary and secondary voltage outputs. For primary voltage, they come in 12 V, 5V and 3.3V while secondary voltage is in configurations of 12V,-5V and 5V standby.

Online calculators

There are calculators online for calculating your computer’s power requirement. This will help you choose the best for your hardware. Oversized power supplies can however supply power for undersized computer systems without causing any damage. However, the power should not go below the minimum threshold of 20% of its power rating.


When choosing a power supply unit, it is crucial to choose one having the right cables. Power supply units come with two types of cables, fixed cables and modular cabling. Modular cabling gives you more freedom as you can use only the cables that you like. They are more expensive than other power supply units. Fixed cabling comes with more cables than modular cabling. Modular power supplies will have less cables making your computer interior neater and allows for easy installation of the unit itself. Apart from this, there is also the fact that your PC will be cool all the time and also prevent accumulation of dust inside the computer.

These are just some of the things that might help you choose the right power supply for your next custom computer.